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Each wedding I shoot is planned individually with the bride and groom  in advance of the wedding day.  We identify locations we would like to use and note down the group shots  to be captured.  I work hard to make sure that the majority of these requests are fulfilled but work within the fluid nature of a wedding day to capture the ambiance and small details of your wedding.  A general guide rather than a concrete list is more helpful as this allows me the freedom to capture images in my own style.


Individual style is important to wedding photographers.  The photographs on this site and my Facebook page are all of real weddings (unless otherwise indicated) and are taken in the style you can expect at your wedding.  Unlike many wedding photographers I mix a lot of flash into my work, as well as natural light shots with blurred backgrounds (more on this on my “about” page).  This gives photographs a 3D appearance which I like and I consider my own style.  If you do not like the style of my photographs, then I’m afraid it isn’t something I can consider changing, but please let me know which of my work you prefer and I can use that as a guide for your day.  

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