I began my journey into photography while at university in London, taking to the streets with my (even then) old Olympus SLR.  I’d be the first to admit that twenty years ago, I hadn’t much clue what all the controls did on the camera, but already I had a pretty good eye for street photography and portraiture.  My photography has always been about people - there aren’t many books on landscape photography on my bookshelf!  Fast forward ten years and I took up the photography as a hobby once again.  My aforementioned bookshelf began heaving under the weight of photography books and the vintage cameras I bought and learned how to use.  I developed my own film and began to get to grips with composition and lighting.  Within a couple of years I had been press-ganged into shooting a wedding or two.  


My wedding photography business started in earnest in 2005 and I haven’t looked back since.  I mainly work on my own now, moving with the times and shooting exclusively on Nikon digital equipment.  What sets me apart from many other local wedding photographers is my use of flash throughout a wedding day.  I particularly like the boost that the flash gives to a photograph, lifting it above the ordinary.  Like most (good) wedding photographers I mix this with photographs which have a narrow depth of field, which throws the background out of focus and gives a 3D effect.  The difference is that I can use both techniques.  


In addition to shooting weddings, I work as a primary school teacher, although I have been a photographer for more than twice as long as I have been teaching.  I am  CRB (police) checked and you will find that talking to your younger guests comes naturally to me.   Despite not being full time, I am  fully insured and carry backups of all my equipment.  Being part time means that my prices are lower, not the quality of my work.  Look at the photos and make your own mind up!

Nick Hadley.  April, 2012

I don’t just shoot weddings.  

Send me a message if you want a price for another event.  I can cover parties, business events and portraiture.  I’ve shot rooms for B&Bs park-homes for a developer and clothes for catalogues.


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